7 Tips for Using a HubSpot CRM

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When you grow your business, if you are not organized, things can get chaotic quickly.

Businesses use CRMs, like HubSpot CRM, to organize how sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Client and prospective client information is housed in one system. One location.

When you need information on what has happened in the past with a client or you want to run a new marketing campaign, HubSpot CRM is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for you.

Why HubSpot CRM

CRMs assist organizations in building relationships so that they can retain their clients, winning over their loyalty. Ultimately, CRMs like HubSpot are used to positively affect revenue and create growth, making this tool a very critical investment.

If you are doing some research to see if HubSpot is right for you, you’ve likely entered a few HubSpot SEO terms in a search engine to see how it can work for you, even checked out the HubSpot blog. You want to know that you are hitting the ground running with this tool.

While you are investing in HubSpot CRM for company success, the tool will only work well if you use it as you should and to the best of your team’s abilities. 

These seven tips will ensure your team is set up for success.

Tip 1: Merge Your Duplicate Contacts

Perhaps you have a prospective customer, the President of AAA Locksmith, and one contact record has a work email but later, you have another form that populates with a personal email address. You now have two records that are taking space and both don’t need to be there. You only need one record.

That’s when you want to merge, but before you merge, you will want to decide which contact in the record is the primary contact. The primary contact will remain in the CRM. So will the timeline activity for that primary contact record.

It may not seem like a big deal now, but as you keep building and duplicates keep forming, you will find a bit of a mess on your hands. You’ll want to do a little cleaning as you go to avoid one massive clean-up later.

2. Add a Buyer Persona

You may or may not use this method currently, but if you don’t, you really should start! A persona is a marketing hack for when you create a fictional representation of the target audience or ideal client.

This helps your team have a clear vision of the type of person they are marketing to. You can target content in a way that can really speak to the goals and challenges of your ideal buyer.

3. The Correct Method for Updating Lifecycle Stages

A CRM is only as effective as how it is being used. One way to get the most bang for your buck is to be able to ascertain the lifecycle stage.

In HubSpot, you will need to make workflows. Workflows can allow you to update lifecycle stages from actions that are taken. Smart lists segment your contacts and can help you enroll lists using a workflow that will update lifecycle stages.

Keeping your lifecycle clean and up-to-date gives you a powerful tool. Understanding a prospect’s lifecycle can help you push a lead over the edge and into a paying customer.

4. Consistent Data Formats

A common mistake is not being consistent with your data formats. Data changes and moves all the time. We enter forms, upload new data, integrate with other systems, just to name a few scenarios.

If your formatting doesn’t match, reporting becomes a real challenge. Let’s say that you are segmenting by region, and you pull by state but some records have an initial and some states are spelled out (even spelled wrong in some cases). How hard would it be to run the report?

Keeping your CRM clean means having a set of standards for how you format things. You can start with a proper case for first and last name, phone number formatting and mailing address formatting.

5. Personalized Emails

Mail merge is a life saver. You have a message you want to send to your database. The message is all the same except for one thing, the person you are sending it to.

Among the awesome tools in HubSpot CRM is an email template. You want to tailor it toward your prospects to really grab their attention and get closer to closing that deal. You can do this by including personalization tokens.

Content marketing tips are easy to execute when you can personalize and segment emails. You might also want to add something else unique to the body of the message and add a company name, location, etc, to show that you are uniquely talking to them.

6. Update the Contact Record View

Along the same lines of efficiency, keep in mind that you are often looking for information in the contact records. There may be one part of the contact record that you view more than others. Wouldn’t it make sense to spend less time looking at the part of the record that you need most?

One shortcut for using HubSpot is to update the “About this Contact Section” in your contact properties. HubSpot has a default view that is provided, but the default doesn’t know what you find most valuable. You do!

This is easy to change. Go to the “Contacts” portion of settings first, then set the properties that your team views on the contact records.

7. Your Deals Should Stay Clean

Like how the heart pumps blood through your body, deals are at the center of your tool. When deals are set up the right way and clean, you can run extensive reports like predicted revenue, sales efficiencies and a whole lot more.

If you don’t keep the deals in HubSpot clean, your reports and data won’t be accurate. Have your sales team always keep this part up to date. Here is some guidance to help:

  • Update close dates to the best of your ability
  • Update how much the deal is to the best of your ability
  • Move the stages as the change
  • Associate the contact to the deal

Make HubSpot CRM Work For You

We are AvsB Agency and a proud certified partner of HubSpot CRM. Not only can we help your organization generate leads, but we can also provide the technology and solutions to close those leads. 

Want to know more? Contact us today, let’s talk.

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