Here’s How The HubSpot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp Changed My Life

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I’ve always been someone who had the sales role, not because I needed to but because I have always enjoyed it. It comes naturally to me, without any issue or feelings of being a concern. I guess you could say I am a natural.

However, in all my endeavors where I played some sales role or wore that hat, I always found one thing missing – the right kind of sales process.

Process aside, sales to me was never about pushing the product or service, it was about finding fit, something that looked at building relationships first, selling a fit second.

At this point, making sales was a very organic process for me, something that was not controllable per se but came from meeting new people and connecting.

Then I Encountered Dan Tyre.

In late 2020, AvsB Agency, a marketing agency I founded, became a HubSpot Certified Solutions Partner.

Around this time, we had positioned our services to focus only on Paid Advertising, CRM Implementation, and Sales Enablement and Automation with a touch of Inbound.

After signing up as a partner, my Agency Partner Specialist told me to check our Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Sales Bootcamp, saying not only was he amazing, but his training was one of a kind.

After getting set up as a partner, I quickly went on to apply for Dan’s Bootcamp. A few weeks later, I got an acceptance email also telling me that I need to make a few time commitments to reserve my spot. I didn’t hesitate a single moment.

The First Class

When I hopped on the Zoom call, I thought to myself that everyone was probably thinking the same thing as I was, “How is this going to go down?”

In a matter of minutes, Dan’s ability to fire us up came into play, and honestly, the rest was history.

Week after week, we all got a bit more comfortable with the process and over time you could see the increased levels of confidence and focus from one session to another.

By the end of the 5th week, my understanding of the sales process was utterly transformed, and so was that of the rest of the pack.

The Great Reveal

After dedicating 40+ hours to the program, between attending the sessions and completing the course work, the number one thing I came to understand better is that selling is a science.

Whether understanding how many touchpoints are necessary to move the needle, speech pauses to set the tone, or even just how you say “Hello.”

Overall, it was a remarkable and life-changing experience.

Here are my top five lessons from Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Sales Bootcamp to share with you some of what I learned.

The Five Life-Changing Lessons I Learned

  • Sales Is Technical and Predictable – To me, the idea of networking and sales was an organic process that you have little control over. Dan’s Bootcamp taught me that is not entirely true. You are the master of your Pipeline, and only you can control it.
  • Helping People Really Does Pay Off – I’ve always been customer-first, practicing a consultative approach to sales. However, at the Bootcamp, I learned that data shows that focusing on helping people (customers) is the optimal way to sell as it will drive sales for the long term.
  • People Really Like Free Stuff – One suggestion was to offer free software to prospects who were not interested in buying now. Of the ten conversations I had that led to this, probably five of them were excited by this rebuttal/offer.
  • Regularly Calling Your Customers Has Many Benefits – Outside of the realm of account management, I learned that calling my customers has ongoing benefits, including building relationships and generating referrals and testimonials.
  • You Can Call Lost Sales Back, and Sometimes They Do Buy the Second Time – Last, but not least, if they say no today, it’s not you, it might be them. Calling your lost deals every six months could lead to new sales since sometimes they didn’t buy, not because they didn’t want your service but because they were not ready.

The Finale

Towards the end of the Bootcamp, I learned that the course would be changing forever. I was honored to experience and learn from such a fantastic program. If you ever get the opportunity to take this Bootcamp, in any iteration available, DO IT.

Dan’s Bootcamp has enabled me to generate demand for AvsB Agency’s services effectively, whether through inbound leads or picking up the phone and following the steps.

The most important lesson I learned from the Bootcamp is this: I am in control.

Dan, thank you again for the Bootcamp, and thank you, HubSpot, for supporting your partners.

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