These Lead Generation Strategies Are Key to Your Business’s Success

lead generation strategies

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About 53% of marketers say half or more of their budget is dedicated to lead generation. Another 58% intend to increase their spending in the future. Without the right lead generation strategies, however, you could waste away your budget.

Here are seven strategies that can help you learn how to generate leads with ease this year.

Using these strategies will help you attract more customers. Then, you can nurture your leads to generate repeat sales. Customer retention and loyalty could improve your ROI for years to come.

Don’t let your business fall behind the competition this year. Instead, learn how to set your business up for success with these tips today. 

1. Content Creation

Consumers want to find brands they can trust. You can demonstrate your experience and expertise in the industry through content creation. Then, you can add a compelling call to action to the end of each post you create.

Before creating content for your blog, take the time to learn as much as you can about your customers. Then, you can create content that appeals to their needs and interests.

If you’re targeting a broad audience, segment them into distinct buyer personas. Then, you can start personalizing content with each group in mind. You can segment customers based on psychographics or demographics like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Pain points
  • Interests
  • Marital status
  • Household income
  • Buying behaviors
  • Education
  • Language
  • Career

Once you segment your customers into groups, gather keyword research. Keyword research can indicate what they search to find your product or service online. You can use tools like SEMRush or Answer the Public to get started.

Focus on longtail keywords that are made up of four or more words. Look for searches that are posed as questions, too.

Then, start creating content that answers the questions your customers ask online. Experiment with different forms of content, including:

  • Blogs/articles
  • eBooks
  • Polls
  • Webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Videos

Share your content on your blog, through email marketing, or on social media. Add a call to action to the end of each post. Link the call to action to a form on your website.

Once people recognize you have the expertise they’re looking for, they might decide to contact you directly. 

2. Search Engine Optimization

It’s not enough to start creating content for your website. It’s important to make sure people can find your posts, too. Search engine optimization (SEO) can boost your rankings on search engine result pages.

In fact, about 70% of all online experiences begin with search engines like Google. Only 0.78% of people look at results on the second page, though. SEO can help you reach the top.

Reaching the top of a search engine result page can help you generate brand awareness and website traffic. In fact, SEO drives 1,000% more traffic than organic social media.

Boosting your search rankings can establish your credibility by ranking ahead of competitors, too.

About 60% of marketers say SEO and blog content are their highest sources of leads. In fact, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate. 

Create content based on your keyword research. Then, optimize each post by placing the target keyword in the:

  • Page title
  • URL
  • An H1 header
  • Opening and closing paragraph
  • Body text
  • Meta description
  • Image filename
  • Image alt text

You can work with an experienced marketing agency to make the most of these lead generation strategies. They can help by creating your content and optimizing it for search engines. Then, you can use your content to learn how to generate leads without stress. 

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You can also expand your reach online by using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising this year.

PPC advertising allows you to create digital ads that will appear on:

  • Google search pages
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Other websites

You can determine who your ads will appear in front of based on keywords and demographics. Precise targeting can help improve your spending. 

Consider hiring an experienced digital advertising agency before using this lead generation strategy. They can make the most of your budget to make sure you don’t waste time or money.

When someone clicks on one of your ads, they’ll reach a landing page on your website. You can optimize your landing pages to generate more leads. 

4. Lead Magnets and Email Marketing

Consider adding an email subscription form to your website. Then, encourage people to subscribe by offering them a lead magnet. Make sure you’re offering a magnet they want, such as a 20% off coupon or exclusive tips.

Then, develop a drip email marketing campaign for lead nurturing.

Nurturing your leads will help you remain top of mind with customers. Add a call to action button to each email, too. You can draw people back to your website to generate repeat sales. 

5. Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Social media marketing can help you generate brand awareness and website traffic. You can use it for lead nurturing, too.

Share your blog content on social media. Then, add a link to your website encouraging people to read the full post.

You can also use influencer marketing this year. Influencers already have a strong following. You can leverage their existing reach and brand trust to reach new customers. 

6. Referral Marketing

Consider developing a referral marketing strategy this year.

Ask your happy customers to refer you to their friends and family members. Then, reward them for each lead they generate. For example, you can offer coupon codes or exclusive deals.

7. Contests

You can also learn how to generate leads by hosting contests this year.

For example, you can encourage people to sign up by filling out a form on your website. Then, you can raffle off a prize to one lucky winner.

You can also host a contest on social media. Encourage people to tag their friends to participate. Each time they tag a friend, you’re reaching new potential leads. 

Love Every Lead: 7 Lead Generation Strategies for Optimal Success

Using the right combination of lead generation strategies can set your business up for lasting success. Learn how to generate leads with these seven easy tips. With these tips, you can expand your reach online and start growing your business. 

You don’t have to develop your lead generation strategy alone. We can help.

Discover how to take the first step toward growth this year.

Contact our team today to get started.

Reach Your Revenue Goals in 2021

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